Special Projects, Inc. - Your One Stop Shop

Special Projects, Inc. is a global product development leader. For twenty five years we have designed and fabricated components and show properties for the automotive, aerospace, industrial, marine and military industries. Our staff combines exceptional craftsmanship abilities as well as the most current and advanced technological capabilities and processes. The staff at Special Projects has the expertise to get your project on the fast track to completion producing award winning quality. Special Projects is one of the only companies in the world today that truly handles each process in-house. From Milling of Clay or Foam from data to final paint and assembly Special Projects is “Your One Stop Shop.”

It is never too early to consult us for your product development needs. Our expertise can be of great value through the conceptual development process. Special Projects can also assist in the engineering validation after the prototype phase. Valuable information during the prototype process is always there but rarely captured by most prototype groups, however Special Projects has a team of Industry Leaders we work with and who are ready to help “turn key” your dreams.

Special Projects provides a broad range of capabilities from design services through the various phases of product development properties including, components, survey and package bucks or complete concept vehicle builds.

Our client list includes the "Big Three" U. S. automakers as well as many other automotive manufacturers and various tier one and tier two suppliers throughout the world.

Special Projects, Inc. is conveniently located in Plymouth, Michigan USA, approximately 20 minutes west of Detroit, and a short 15 minute drive north from (DTW) Metro Airport.

Special Projects has designed our facilities to provide each customer with exceptional security and well equipped build studios.

For Sales and Information please contact projects@specproj.com